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At a time when true artists are hard 
to come by, “one does come by”.

Native Detroit performance sensation Q Harper (the eleventh of twelve children) was born Quintin Deon Harper to William and Mary Harper. His love for music was inherited from his father as he began his performance career at the tender age of five. While under the watchful and demanding tutelage of William Harper, Q Harper quickly developed an uncanny, almost enigmatic facility with music, a language he actually prefers to what he calls “all lesser forms of communication”.


Despite his incredible abilities with the acoustic guitar, piano, and writer’s pen, it is his voice, the first of all instruments, which demands and arrests the ear. Boasting a beautifully even and technically flawless tonal quality, this artist’s upper and lower vocal registers are rendered with remarkable consistency as he seamlessly moves between each mechanical height and depth— both spontaneously and upon command. Moreover, the timbre of his voice is hued by colors derived from only the deepest feelings, full of sincerity, truth, and a God-given emotional intelligence and sensual intuition. Two unquestionably perfect examples of this type of natural and emotive vocal talent are Luther Vandross and Brian McKnight, artists to which Q Harper’s gift can be arguably and justifiably compared.

Q Harper, an inspiring balladeer, whose music comes from a time when music was original, raw, and straight from the gut, heart, and soul of an artist. In his music you will find a connection of old school flavor with new school vibes.

His debut album simply titled “ONE” released in 2008, shows how Q Harper possesses the ability to captivate the listener with his lyrics, music, and intimate vocals, leaving them longing for more of his musical style. Now Q Harper is back with more of his romantic ballads and fresh new vibes that will make you dance. Q likes to call his second album which is due out this summer 2014, his second journey. He has appropriately titled his second album “THE ROMANTIC”, and you will totally understand the reason for that title as soon as you hear the first couple of singles. Once again he takes us away to a land of love as he adores his woman with the single “SHE’S SO MANY WOMEN” or he definitely makes you get up and dance with his single “TAKE IT 2 DA FLO”. Whatever your mood Q Harper has something special in store for us and he has promised that he’s just getting started. In his own words (you aint seen nothing yet). He considers himself a throwback because he takes pride in his live performance, he loves to leave it all on the stage.


Further influences upon Q Harper’s soulful R&B, inspirational, and funk delivery are the likes of The Isley Brothers, Phyllis Hyman, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Charlie Wilson, Earth, Wind and Fire and Al Jarreau, with a gripping, “troubled blues” overtone reminiscent of the late Ray Charles.

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